Login with Twitter in universal windows app!


Hello! I´m doing a universal windows app. I can login with Facebook, but the problem is with Twitter, only want the UserName and the profile pic. I created the app in twitter but now i don’t now that do. Somebody have a tutorial o a step for begin to resolve this problem? Thanks for your answers.


I’d recommend looking at one of the Windows libraries such as Tweetinivi which will offer methods to help you offer Twitter login. The author, @TweetinviApi, is active in these forums and really helpful too :slightly_smiling:


Thank you. I can login and get the username. My problem is that i get the url with this line:

var appCredentials = new TwitterCredentials(Consumer_key, Consumer_secret);
var url = CredentialsCreator.GetAuthorizationURL(appCredentials);

but the problem is that i don’t know how go to this url from my app and don’t from other browser. Please, help me. Thank in advance.


If you are using Tweetinvi it looks like there’s a wiki page here that could help you.


This is a general question about .NET. But in any case what you can do is use a WebView in your application.

The WebView will open a browser page for you inside your application.
The user will then have to copy the ‘verifier_code’ provided to him after he has successfully authenticated.