Login with twitter,502 proxy error



its my code
’twitter’ : ‘API_KEY_HERE’




           // oauth_proxy: 'https://auth-server.herokuapp.com/proxy' 


    function login(network){ 

        var twitter = hello(network);

        twitter.login().then( function(r){

            return twitter.api('/me');

        }, log ) .then( function(p){

             console.log("Connected to "+ network+" as " + p.name);

             var res = JSON.stringify(p);

             self.location= '/home/login.twLogin.do?result='+res;

        }, log );


i have already registered my app in herokuapp.com but i still can’t login to twitter.
proxy error:502 Server dropped connection.
Who can help me solve this problem?


hard to know without more information.

What exactly is happening here? This seems like an incomplete code sample.


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