Login via web even if app installed



Hi All,

I want to implement a feature which will check if app installed and user is not logged in then it will show option to authenticate via browser. Is it possible to login via web even if app is installed. if yes how can we do this? I’m using TwitterKit, please let me know your valuable answer will be greatly appreciated. Thanks


Hey @DilipKumarChau3, on Android, Twitter Kit will try to use the locally installed Twitter app to login. If the Kit is unable to access the authentication token through the Twitter app, it falls back to using a web view for the login process. Check out https://docs.fabric.io/android/twitter/log-in-with-twitter.html for details!


@alexsinger is there any way to customize it according to my requirement?


Not currently, @DilipKumarChau3. On Android, Twitter Kit automatically attempts to login via the Twitter app. If the app isn’t installed then the web view is used.