Login verification


I have some unique cases,

I used android phone and twitter for android, and I used my phone as login confirmation (twitter login verification feature). One day my phone had a problem which require me to roll back my phone to backup point that already made with CWM (ClockWorkMod) before I used my phone as login confirmation on twitter. After restore process done, I open my twitter for android and go to Setting->My Account name->Security, Here is my problem, every time I click on Security it always said “Login verification is enabled on another device for this account and bla bla bla”

My first problem was drag me to the second problem. I tried to login on twitter through my computer, GREAT, he said “We’ve sent a login verification request to your phone” but my phone never received that confirmation anymore. And then I use my backup code I’ve previously generated to login and there it is my second problem showed up, finally back up code was stop working out after a few time I use it to login.

Before the back up code stop worked I’ve tried to disable login verification under Setting I choose “Don’t verify login requests” but every time I click on Save the option goes back to “Send login verification requests to my phone” which is never received any request anymore.

Before any of this I’ve tried to add my phone number to my account under Setting->Mobile, I’m from Indonesia, then I click on “Activate phone” but then the page doesn’t changes and stuck on page “Text GO to 89887” also I never received message from twitter.

That’s all my problems, I hope I can make twitter more better :slight_smile:


i have the same exact problem, and there’s nothing to do :confused:




ok, got it thanks


I have the same problem, wrote two messages for support and i’m waiting for a response more than a month. I followed @support but can’t send direct message because twitter app says me that @support doesn’t follow me back. Any suggestions?


The ticketing system is the only way to communicate directly with @support. They have a backlog of requests like yours and it may take them awhile to respond to you.


@episod Please Help Us , My Account (@AlaaWehbii) I Turned Login Verification On Then I Lost My Phone And Can’t Sign In Through Any Device , If You Please Help Me And Suggest Me A Solution ! I Contacted Support So Many Times ! PLEASE I NEED MY ACCOUNT BACK


Hi guys, finally I figured out the way to fix my first problem :smiley: (my phone is android gingerbread).

Let me flash back to my exact problem, my problem is I can use my twitter on my phone but I have lost access to security (under twitter Settings->your account->Security) then I can’t sign in to another devices except my phone.

So, here is the solution:

  1. Go to android Settings->Applications->Manage applications
  2. From Downloaded tab choose Twitter
  3. Click on Force stop button
  4. Click on Clear data button
  5. Done

Go back to twitter Settings->your account->Security and do whatever you want.
I think it’ll little different on android’s applications setting on another android version.


@episod @support @twitter please deactivate the login verification for @alaawehbii I Just want my account back please or help us please give us solutions I want my 2 Years old account back please @twitter @support HELP US PLEASE , HELP INDEED ,


@episod can you please help me by telling me which category in the support should I Contact ? Please ?


Dear Twitter Developers,
Please delete my old account @sheianneil because i no longer have access to it’s password and email…Please grant my wish

                                                                                              Truly Yours,


Dear Twitter Developers
CAN YOU PLEASE DISABLE AND DEACTIVATE LOGIN VERIFICATION ON MY TWITTER @IAMELIHIGGINS_. I’ve been locked out for 3 weeks . I need my 3 year old twitter please I’m begging you @support