Login problem


I can’t access my account , it keeps telling me Something is technically wrong, Thanks for noticing—we’re going to fix it up and have things back to normal soon when i click on login … now its about 4 days i can’t login !
please help me i really need it !


I can’t access my account ID Wening, It is sending my reset password to some place else. and I can not add it to my Ipone account.
Please help.
Thank you,


Same thing here I can not login either to the main twitter site for like 12 to 18 hrs now what is up??


Cancel my account with twitter!


2 days now I can not login to my account if this is not fixed by tomorrow I am dumping twitter I was never really a fan of it.


I cannot log-in to my twitter accounts, nor are they feeding timeline to my websites… I can’t even get into the TWITTER ACCOUNT to see what’s wrong!
WHAT IS GOING ON? I know TWITTER had dns issues in the last 24hours.
where’s the support!?


I cannot log in and I can’t understand what the problem is. Yesterday I had to change my password and it worked,but now it doesn’t work anymore. What can I do? Can you help me please?


I am having the same problem. I type in username and password and refreshes the page but does not actually log me in to my account. Very frustrating. Also (until now) every time I try and access the help/support it says UNAUTHORISED Sorry, you don’t have access to this page. I don’t know what to do!


Yeah,that’s what is happening to me too! So very frustrating! 'Cause I just can’t understand what the problem is ç_ç


I can’t log in. I try to log in and it just goes right back to the login page or it says my passwords wrong and it’s not. I’ve changed my password six or seven times trying to get into twitter and it works at first but then it logs me out and i can’t log back in. I don’t know whats wrong or how to fix it.


Same problem I have changed my password and all it does is refresh the page!!! Only just joined Twitter!! Very Frustrating!! Think I Can Live without This Hassel!!!


It now says I am already logged in!!! But I can’t do anything!!


Could you please help us out guys because we seem to have the same problem and this whole thing is really frustrating for us. We have an upcoming event next week and our twitter account will be vital because we will giving away some of the information through this account which is now not working please guys do something about this. Thank you!!!


i cant access my account from 2 days i feel very bad so plz help me


what a beautiful lady with your account and can not access any information from twitter


What you follow the automated system in attempt to open the confirmation email and twittrer


if the account problematic in trying to update twitter via email


it can not issue any statement on twitter


in trying to update the data in question via email twitter


miss what you do spam or follow oromatis system?
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