Login app with twitter credentials


I created an app and it allows me to post tweet.
However, when my friends try to authorize/open it in browser it gives “HTTP:403 error”

I would also like to know how my app will get ma friends config.oauth_token and config.oauth_token_secret so that they will be authorize to my app.


The oauth_token and oauth_token_secret values are specific to your app, not the users logging in. You should not share those values with anyone.

It is very difficult to determine what might be going on without more information. If you’re getting a 403, there should be a message explaining the error - what is the exact response you’re seeing?


I would like to see my status updates on facebook updated to twitter as well. As for now that does not happen. Help me with an application that can facilitate the same.


Try get a examples from GitHub.com and try get him codes.