Login and Auth screens of Twitter- how to show in a preferred lang


Assume i want to connect to twitter from my application - using twitter API. i.e Application is providing Twitter integration facility.
So when “login to Twitter” is clicked : it will use twitter API and pop-up the Login screen of Twitter itself . For this following is used :


Question :
currently this login screen (and followed by it the authorization screens) of Twitter will always show up in English .

Is it possible to show them in the language sent through the request itself. i.e : is something like below possible ?
(ex: say i want the login and auth screens to be shown in Japanese , because user is currently using Japanese language in the application which is providing the Twitter integrating facility)

Currently the above “&lang” is not seeming to work/honored. Because that above url with &lang=ja : still ends up showing in english always.

So please let me know if there is a way to show the login and auth screens of Twitter in a lang prefered by user- that can be sent as part of request url itself.

thanks a lot in advance for the help.


The @Anywhere framework does not support language-specific features like this by URL though you can provide a lang parameter to the standard OAuth 1.0A flow. If you’re interested in customizing the language of the confirmation screens, we recommend you use server-to-server OAuth instead.