Locked out of account as soon as I made it


So I made another twitter account for personal reasons and at first everything was going just fine, I added all of my information and the account was all set and ready to start fallowing and such. Sadly though the minute I tried changing my profile picture everything stopped and I was locked out of my account and they demanded a phone number to “unlock” me. I don’t have a phone anymore so I can’t get it back and am really confused as to why exactly I got locked out in the first place when I hadn’t even gotten to edit my account. PS: The picture had no nudity or anything it was just a silly cat with glasses http://hdwallpaperbackgrounds.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/Wallpaper-Cool-2.jpg


Please use support.twitter.com for queries like this. This forum exists to help developers with API questions. We cannot offer any assistance with account-related issues here. Thanks.