Location targeting in Japan and "switch markets" dialog in Twitter Ads UI


One of our users has configured Tokyo as a targeting location on one campaign, Osaka on another, Fukoshima on a third, and so on.

The targeting objects clearly exist, but aren’t displayed in the Twitter Ads UI. She gets a dialog box that asks her if she wants to “switch markets,” saying that “selected behaviors will be cleared.”

Does the Twitter Ads UI partition targeting selections / display by global region? How do we get the japanese locations to show up in the UI, and what does the “selected behaviors will be cleared” message mean with regards to the targeting.

This is kind of both an API & a Twitter Ads UI question, as we have users using both our UI and the Twitter Ads UI. We are trying to provide a user experience that isn’t confusing.


Hi Chris,

Thanks for this report, it’s a little difficult for us to escalate the issue related to Ads UI from this forum compared to how they would be escalated if you wrote in via ads.twitter.com Help support link.

I don’t have any recollection of Ads UI behaving in that way even when campaigns have those sort of detailed settings…

From what I can tell, what you are saying sounds like a bug in Ads UI side so it would be great if you can have them submit a support ticket and be ready to send details/screenshots since it’s kind of a confusing issue even for us familiar with Ads API stuff. If they have trouble getting the message across, we can fall back to this thread as a failsafe and I can find the ticket internally and try to help clarify what the problem is.




Hi John,

Thanks. I was emailed with the info I need… namely, that in Japan and the APAC region seemingly, behavior targeting isn’t supported yet. So, users can either create a Campaign with behavior targeting , which sets the Campaign to be in a different region OR they can set up location targeting in Japan (for example) and not set up behavior targeting. They just can’t use both yet.