Location parameters always returning error for statuses/filter



I tried to specify locations params when sending request to /1.1/statuses/filter.json using twurl

twurl -t -d locations=51.507351,-0.127758 -H stream.twitter.com /1.1/statuses/filter.json

twurl -t -d locations=51.507351%2C-0.127758 -H stream.twitter.com /1.1/statuses/filter.json

Both doesn’t work. The error i get is Location track items must be given as pairs of comma separated lat/longs

What is the proper way to specify locations?



Unfortunately in our recent site migration some of the details are temporarily missing, here’s what you need to know.


A comma-separated list of longitude,latitude pairs specifying a set of bounding boxes to filter Tweets by. Only geolocated Tweets falling within the requested bounding boxes will be included—unlike the Search API, the user’s location field is not used to filter Tweets.

Each bounding box should be specified as a pair of longitude and latitude pairs, with the southwest corner of the bounding box coming first.

For example, -d "locations=-74,40,-73,41" would specify tracking Tweets in New York City.