Location of a Retweet


We run a rather large Twitter Analytics service and try to get one piece of data that seems to be strangely unavailable.

If a user tweets, we know (if enabled), where the tweet originated from (through tweet.coordinates). If that doesn’t work, we can make an estimated guess based on the user’s home location (user.location), which is just text and not ideal.

But if a user retweets a tweet, that tweet object retrieved through retweets_of_me does contain the original coordinates (where the tweet originally came from) and no indication on where it was retweeted. We can, again, make an educated guess by looking at user.location and go with that.

But that presents a problem:

What if a company tweets from London, UK. Now that tweet gets retweeted a thousand times at SXSW during the conference. It would look as if the tweet got retweeted in all countries in the world (user.location), rather than at that conference (where it was featured, or a highlight topic, or something).

Is such information available? Where a retweet actually happened?