Location Data


The free API limits the location data. Does anyone know how I can purchase twitter data to get additional location data on tweets that may be off wifi?


The Streaming API and REST API limit the number of tweets you have access too, not the data embedded in the tweet. If you purchase GNIP you will gain access to more tweets, not more location data.


Thank you. I thought there was a way to get general location on tweets that don’t have their GPS on but are connected to WIFI. Is there a way to grab that kind of location data?. So my goal would be to understand where every tweet came from even at what ever granularity that I can get. We don’t need who the tweet is coming from but would need all the information in the tweet for the analytics we are doing. Any suggestions?


Talk to the NSA? :slight_smile:
Or, download a large enough number of tweets with statuses/filter such that the very few tweets that have geo-location data are statistically significant to say something meaningful.


Thanks :smile: