Location Authorization?


Hi! Trying to push ads through the API to various countries, have been receiving instances of the following:

message: "Your account is currently not authorized to target 'Venezuela'"

How can I find out which countries I am authorized to use?


@phil_renaud if your advertiser account was created via self-serve its a small-business (SMB) ads account and it comes with a few limitations whether you’re using the Ads API or the Twitter Ads UI.

Geo and Gender Targeting Overview:

Note: Small Business advertisers are limited to targeting users in countries where the Twitter SMB Ads product is available. For a list of countries available for targeting by Small Business customers, please reference this article.

This does vary by advertiser account though. If you plan on targeting both SMBs as well as non-SMBs with your product, your implementation should account for these limitations and handle them gracefully when you see these types of error responses.


@brandonmblack We are facing same problem as @phil_renaud .

When trying to target India we get the response:
"Your account is currently not authorized to target ‘India’ "

Can you please tell us what steps we should take next so that we can get authorization to target India as well.



@sokrati the same answer applies to you or anyone else. It’s all about the advertiser account type. SMBs have different restrictions.


@brandonmblack Thanks for the response. I understand the restrictions that are placed on SMBs account.

I was wondering if there are some step by step procedures that we can follow to remove those restrictions.

Or do we need to create a different account altogether that does not fall under SMBs? If that’s the case is there any way we can do that?

As our company is based in India being able to target Indian Audience is very important for our business.


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