Location and rate limiting


If I connect to the streaming API with no filters, my understanding is that I will get a random sampling of 1% of the full Twitter firehose. Now, if I filter my request by a single bounding box that comprises the whole world, I am still limited to 1% of the full firehose. Since the total number of geotagged tweets is generally believed to be less than 1% of all tweets, does this mean that I will get back ALL of the geotagged tweets in the entire world?

Also, if I reduce my bounding box to a smaller area, say the United States, does it affect the number or contents of the tweets being returned in any way other than filtering out tweets from outside the U.S.? For example, will I still get back ALL of the geotagged tweets in the U.S. assuming that the number is not more than 1% of the firehose?


I have similar question. Rather than raising a separate post, i will keep watch on this post. Jason, thanks for raising this question.