Locally hosting js file to avoid network problems and server load


Hi, I am adding a twitter widget into my page. I noticed the twitter widget not loading properly (only saying tweets by @x) occasionally on 23/09/13 and after trawling the forums for hours and looking at the api status i decided it must have been some kind of network problem or maybe just server load. I thought to minimize the risk of this happening i could host the widget.js file locally. This works but i worry it will cause a problem if anything is changed. any advise? is this an acceptable solution? how often is the js file updated? and is any of it’s content dynamically generated.

Thanks in advance


Not loading with reasonable speed or delaying the task is mostly because of network connection problem which cause the web to work hard and long, you may check your network connectivity on the link following link:
Once tests are finished a unique url will be created with the results which you can then share with an expert to get your problem diagnosed straight way.