Load the advertiser account instance what?


what is this?
“load the advertiser account instance”

https://ads-api.twitter.com/ 1 /accounts

Where can i find it


Have you applied for access to the Ads API and received an email notification that your access has been granted?

The Ads API 101 introduction is probably the best starting point in the documentation. There are also tutorial guides available.

If you want the documentation on that specific endpoint, check here.


@andypiper I have not advertised yet. Test verileriyle çalışmadan önce?


In that case I don’t understand why you are looking at the Ads API. Use the self-serve dashboard at ads.twitter.com to create your campaign. The API is for technical integrations into third party ads applications.


@andypiper I have a site (crm - erm). Through this site, users should be able to advertise twitter ads and see ad stats. I’m trying to do this.


Ok. I provided links to the best documentation to help you get started with coding your integration once you’ve been granted access. Good luck!


@andypiper How will i get access permit :frowning:


The link is on the documentation page.


Applications are considered on a case by case basis and you should have a solid business use case before applying as well as the technical expertise to build your integration.


@andypiper I just want test data :frowning: I can not advertise right now. I need to reach a sample ad.


Example data returned by the endpoints is on the documentation pages.