Load multiple hastags, not in a timeline format, but other positions into flash or html or...?


I have a project in mind for a charity event, and would love to hear some tips and if this is possible, since I´m a bit lost here.

I would like place screen with messages from all the hashtags mentioning lets say “#xxxcharityrocks” (And telling guests to write with that #, showing their support)

I´ve found under https://twitter.com/settings/widgets/new/search the possibility of doing this, but, It´s not graphically viable for this plan.

My idea is to place each hashtag over an image in different areas (using flash actionscript… or even html if it makes it easier) For this example let´s say a cake, with candles, and when mentions start comming show them in each cancle) Let´s say 15… and when #16 arrives, replaces #1, etc)

This app could run both locally or through a server… if that changes anything.
Is there any way of doing this kind of things? Is my idea far away from reasonable?

I´ve seen a coupple of companies doing something similar, but it´s far, far… FAR away from my budget :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks in advance for any tips, and ps, if anyone´s interested in working on this together, I´m a graphic designer willing to share my part of the results :slight_smile: