Lists/statuses with 'include_rts' => true is not retrieving retweets since yesterday


Hi (sorry for my poor english)

“lists/statuses” with (or withouth) ‘include_rts’ => true is not retrieving retweets since yesterday.

could you help me?

thank you very much


Can you provide some distinct examples? Such as a specific list_id where user ID #XYZ is a member who has recently retweeted a tweet resulting in tweet ID #ABC which is not part of the lists/statuses call response?


and exampe with your own list:

@jayholler retweeted this:

but you can’t see that retweet in your list (where @jayholler is member)

just see these lists…
no retweets at all
(“Ctrl + F” and look for “retweet” = 0 results)


Thanks, I have the team looking into this.