Lists/members/create_all for newly created list sometime returns 404



I want to create a list with given user ID to be included in list.
Thus I call /lists/create and then /lists/members/create_all to newly created list.

Following is a exact ruby code I run with twitter gem. These methods calls are thin wrapper of /lists/create and /lists/members/create_all API calls ( ,

list = client.create_list(“foo”, mode: “private”, description: “bar”); client.add_list_members list, existent_twitter_user_ids

and I sometime see

Twitter::Error::NotFound: Sorry, that page does not exist

I suspect newly created list information is not properly read via /lists/members/create_all call. What should I do to avoid this wried behaviour?


I am experiencing this as well. Sometimes I am able to get a few people in the list before I see this error