Lists/members/create_all Doesn't add all the accounts


I’m using the Twitter API to add and remove accounts to a list. I add accounts each day and remove “yesterday’s” accounts that aren’t needed for today. I use a PHP loop to add 90 at a time as the documentation states that you can only add 100 at a time. The loop calls the API 3 times and tries to add 90, 90 and then 50 accounts in this case. But only 67 accounts were added. Then I read this:

Please note that there can be issues with lists that rapidly remove and add memberships. Take care when using these methods such that you are not too rapidly switching between removals and adds on the same list.

So I altered the code and removed all the accounts from the list and then add the required ones on a different page. But still not all are added. But if I reload the ‘adding’ script more are added each time, but not all of them… There should be 230 accounts today, but it will only add up to 204 - and that’s after several page reloads.

I’m using this: Twitter’s “lists/members/create_all” to add multiple accounts.


Write actions like lists/members/create and lists/members/create_all are subject to “feature limits”. Unlike rate limits, these apply at the user level globally across the platform. We’re working on getting more information out to developers about these limits, since they bite people unexpectedly.

In your case, you’ll get better results if you slow down your rate of adding members to lists (insert some pauses in your scripts).


Thanks for that. I’ve adjusted things and made it all more intelligent, it is working now.

It was a little confusing as I knew I wasn’t hitting any limits.


Great, sorry you had trouble. We’re working on making some of this undocumented stuff clearer, to make the API more predictable.

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