Lists/members/create_all allows for blocking users to be added


Example: Twitter user A is blocked from Twitter user B.

If I use lists/members/create, it won’t let me add user B to a list user A created. Correct.

If I use lists/members/create_all with user B in the list of users , it will let me add user B to a list created by user A. WRONG.



Hi there, not sure if you are still checking the message in the forum @pedroremedios – but I was hoping you had a bit of insight here. Over the past several days, I’ve seen users creating a list that was locked – it had as the creator of the list, yet no such thing occurred. the list was named pbtemp (I’ve removed it 4 times)

Nonetheless, if you have any insight to share, (or one the twitter staff members) - much appreciated.