Lists/members and lists/subscribers rate limiting with TWRequest


Hello All,

I’m working on a iOS app and having problems with the rate limits of these endpoints.

I am using an account-linked TWRequest to access 1.1 lists/members and lists/subscribers, but it seems that the calls are limited to 15 per window instead of the documented 180.

Examining application/rate_limit_status shows that I am calling with a user token context, but “limit” shows 15 for both endpoints.

Any idea what’s going on, and how I can get the documented rate limits?

Thanks in advance!


Looking into this and should have it resolved soon.


Thanks, nice to know there is indeed something wrong.

Will be looking forward to a fix!


This should be resolved for you now. Let me know if you’re still having issues.


I have confirmed both endpoints now have 180 calls per window.
Thanks for your excellent support!