Lists endpoint returning inconsistent results



Using the following GET lists endpoint, this user is getting returned inconsistent results:

GET /1.1/lists/list.json?user_id=16438503

It always returns the same number of results, 28. However, the contents of those 28 are inconsistent between calls. Is there a reason for this inconsistency? How may I go about debugging why this is happening/avoid it?


This looks strange. For that user ID, lists/list returns either 1 or 2 results (not 28).

One is a subscribed list, and the other is an owned list.

Fetching them independently (from lists/ownerships and lists/subscriptions) seems to be reliable, but the lists/list endpoint seems to be returning one of them and not the other, sometimes. I’m currently not sure why that would be.


Does this issue qualify as a bug? Is there a way to avoid this from happening?