Lists are sometimes created multiple times



I’m currently using 1.1/lists/create.json to create a new List. Now. sometimes the given list gets created twice(I think I observed it getting crated three times even). I first thought it’s my fault but I can reproduce the behavior with the API console.

I have no idea why or when it happens but if I just keep creating and deleting the created list again, it eventually happens that one call to 1.1/lists/create.json results in more than one list created.

Is anything known in that regard and/or is this problem also reproducible for other people?


(Also, quick question: is it intended that private lists never emit any events, e.g. when they are deleted?)


Does nobody experience the same issues(and has a solution)?



This behaviour is also observed on my side. Calling once the API results sometimes in several lists being created. The workaround I use is to delete afterwards the extra list that have been created.

$code = postTwitter(... '1.1/lists/create' ...); sleep(5); // give some time prior to check the actually created list(s) $code = getTwitter(... '1.1/lists/ownerships' ...); if ($code == 200) { $js_lists = json_decode($tmhOAuth->response['response'], true)['lists']; $first = true; foreach ($js_lists as $list) { if ($list['name']==$_listName) { if ($first) { $first = false; $idList = $list['id']; } else { $code = postTwitter(... '1.1/lists/destroy' ..., array( 'list_id' => $list['id'], ) ); } } } }

Hoping this helps.


I ran into the same problem using lists/create, it creates the list multiple times with the same name. And there’s another problem with deleting lists that have duplicate names, sometimes the list doesn’t get deleted and throws a server error. If u rename the list and delete it, it works.