Listing of subscriptions to a webhook



Hi, when customers do the OAuth dance, they subscribe to the Direct Messages API.

I want to list the clients which have subscribed to the webhook using our app. I’ve tried this endpoint “account_activity/webhooks/${props.webhookId}/subscriptions/list.json” and I kept getting:

message - Your credentials do not allow access to this resource
code - 220

Please let me know how I can achieve this as the credentials are valid.


Hey i have the same issue.


Hi @vivienanglesio - you could start by checking the following:

  1. User credentials - are you using the right credentials? Make sure you don’t use the user credentials as well as the app credentials. The app credentials suffice for this endpoint and we suggest just using a bearer token.

  2. Double check that your app has permission for read, write, and direct messages

You can read more about the GET user/list endpoint in our documentation here.


Thanks for the answer. I wasn’t using an app bearer token… sorry