what is wrong with listed_count?
The listed_count of BillGates Droped from 121953 to 15???
How is it possible!


Can you please provide an example?

I just ran a test and found that he still has a list count in the 121k range.


I’m using R + rtweet to retrieve users info.

Last night (around 12 EDT), I learned I have an outlier in my recent data set. I retrieved listed count for three times, and the result for BillGates was 15, 37, and 38.

I’ve just started working with this API a couple of months ago. I was wondering if this is common to see an inconsistency in the result!!!


Any Idea?


Hi @MjAsgari - the standard Twitter API is eventually consistent, which means that at certain points in time - for example when data is replicating during a backend change or failover - you might see an occasional unexpected result, but in general I’d expect to see that updated and resolved fairly quickly. I can confirm that the user is currently showing a listed_count value of 121958 as I type this.