List Widget only shows one feed


So I set up a list with about 30 feeds and made a list widget, got the code, put it on my site and it only shows one feed. Even in the setup part, when I would test it, it would only show the one feed. What am I doing wrong?


I have the same problem, I only want to show tweets from two accounts in one feed,

When i test them individually they show, but together one takes over.
When i re-add to list the latest added user tweets display, but just theirs.

I don’t understand?!

Any help will be much appreciated


Actually the problem is half resolved. It is displaying tweets from the other account but only tweets from a month ago and backwards, nothing newer (even though they have tweeted a couple days ago)

Very odd, I hope any new tweets will be pulled in and all will be okay, shall have to see.


Mail delvery subsystem