List Widget: How do I hide retweets? or at list indicate a RT is a RT?



I’ve setup a list on a twitter account for a client, with a list of selected accounts they want to show tweets from on their website.
I used the Twitter List widget to pull in these tweets, but noticed that whenever one of the listed accounts retweets someone else - that tweet appears in the widget - with NO indication that it is a retweet.

The retweet appears as if that user is on the list.

How can I either:

a) ignore retweets in a list completely
b) ignore retweets in the list widget
c) indicate in the widget that a tweet is a retweet


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@thornbrook i have the same problem :frowning:


We’ll resolve this on our end in the coming weeks by disincluding retweets from list widgets. Long-term, we’d like to make this configurable and visually distinctive. For now, you’ll just have to wait for us to resolve it or override the lists javascript to not include include_rts=true when calling the Lists API end point.

There’s a bit of code in there like:

else if (this._isFavsWidget || this._isListWidget) {
this.url = this._base + this.format + ‘?callback=’ + this._cb + showSince() +
’&include_rts=true’ +
’&clientsource=’ + this.source;

That just needs one bit removed or commented out:

else if (this._isFavsWidget || this._isListWidget) { this.url = this._base + this.format + '?callback=' + this._cb + showSince() + // '&include_rts=true' + '&clientsource=' + this.source; }


Taylor, how would I go about overriding that parameter? I’m simply using the list widget, as in:

new TWTR.Widget (…).render().setList(…).start();

Do I break out the start() method and insert some code in between?



The best bet would be to download the widgets.js file you’re linking to already and put an edited version on your webserver, including that instead for this temporary period of time.

The widgets.js file would be a compressed version, but if you searched for this same bit of code, you should be able to find the include_rts=true part – then you could just remove the bit of code here " ‘&include_rts=true’ + "

I’ll see if I can hurry up the better fix.


Thanks, Taylor, I appreciate the work.

As a side note, do you guys have any plans to implement these widgets so that they can instantiate in predefined DOM containers instead of where the script is dropped? I’d very much prefer to be able to progressively enhance the page with a Twitter widget after DOM ready, instead of having to wait for that script to run inline.

Just curious if there’s any plan to go in that direction. I feel it would be a little better for non-beginners wanting to add the widgets to big corporate sites (i.e. me :wink: )


It looks like the retweets have been disincluded from list widgets.
Is there a way i can include it now.
Is it configurable as mentioned above.


The widgets will probably get some modern love at some point but I don’t have anything to announce right now. They are admittedly showing their age a bit.


I followed Taylor’s suggestion and it works, Thanks. Just make sure you use


Fine tuned it and now it works perfect. Also this works with Search, Profile and List Twitter Widgets

(By way of explanation “col1” is the DIV around the Twitter widget).

twttr.anywhere(function(T) { T("#col1 a.tweet-url.username").hovercards();}) twttr.anywhere(function(T) { T("#col1 a.tweet-url.username").hovercards({ infer:true}); }); twttr.anywhere(function(T) { T("#col1 a.tweet-url.username").hovercards({ linkify:false}); });

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