List uri from api giving dead links


It seems like the URIs returned via the api are of the form “/{screen_name}/{list_name}” like “/ZebrLool898/entrepreneur”, but the actual url on the site is of the form “/{screen_name}/lists/{list_name}” like “/ZebrLool898/lists/entrepreneur”. Does anyone know if that is correct and/or did the site url format use to be the same as the api format?


Something certainly looks wrong here. I’ll look into it.


Turns out that two things are wrong here:

  1. /{screen_name}/{list_slug} on should be redirecting to /{screen_name}/lists/{list_slug}. That’s currently broken, and we’re fixing it on the site.
  2. Ideally the Lists API would give you a URI which led directly to the list rather than via a redirect. We’ll likely be addressing that too in time.


Awesome, thanks for the info