List status for all new lists goes to status TOO SMALL



We are on V0 API and noticed that in then last 3 days or so, all lists uploaded were stuck in processing for a long time and then come back as status of TOO SMALL.

The ad account is 18ce53vuwjg and the lists that are in this state are:

Could you check why/how these lists got into that state. And also why processing is taking long in the last few days.




We have been also suffering from this problem for one month, approximately. A few hours after initial upload, the TAs enter the “Audience too small” state and stay there for nearly a couple of days, until they “automagically” move to the Ready state. The whole process takes around 52 hours. So, just keep calm :wink:


Yeah we have had different issue with TOO SMALL in the past including what you mentioned. One of the issues was also where older lists were also being moved to TOO SMALL state. That was resolved a couple of weeks ago but now we have this issue where newer lists get into TOO SMALL state from the PROCESSING after around 48 hours and now are in TOO SMALL state after well over 60-65 hrs.


Wow, 65 hours, that’s crazy. I hope the guys at Twitter solve this problem very soon. It is a nightmare for us and our customers.


We are also seeing this issue - our list processing times are averaging 100+ hours.


Too nearly 100 hrs to complete processing on Twitter, but seems like all is fixed now. The lists previously reported as too small, uploaded on Tuesday evening ~ midnight EST, finished processed and moved to Ready from Too small early Saturday morning. That’s quite long for processing, well outside the 24 hr sla