List of retweets for a given user?



I was looking through the documentation for the REST api and I couldn’t seem to find a way to get retweets for a user similar to this:

is there anyway to perform a similar function to get a list of retweets for a given user? Thanks for any help.


Not sure if you want Retweets of any tweet created by a given user, or any tweets created by the user that are retweets… in any case:

If you want to get Retweets of any Tweet created by the user, you’ll need the Streaming API with follow parameter:

If you want to get tweets a given user has retweeted, you can use and remove any tweets created by the user.


Basically, a list of tweets that a given user retweets. So for example for, the list would comprise of




and so on. Basically, if a user retweets a given tweet, that tweet is added to that list. I think what I would have to do is use and I played around with it in the console and retweets start with “retweeted_status” so i’d store the contents of “retweeted_status” each time it occurs for a request. Is that the best way of going about what I’m trying to do? Thanks.


Yep: /user_timeline endpoint, and checking for retweeted_status will get you the tweets you want.

Also check out for more on working with /user_timeline - you can get the most recent 3200 tweets for a user - but that includes any kind of tweet (tweet, retweet, reply)