List of people who favorited a particular tweet


Is there any API which can provide me information regarding people who favorite tweets for a given screen name?

For Ex:

If I got to twitter, at the bottom it will show the list of people who have favorited a particular tweet. How can I fetch information of those users?


This feature is not currently available in the API. You can track favorite activity for an authenticated user in real time using User Streams or Site Streams, but it’s otherwise unavailable in the REST API beyond counts and the timeline of favorites belonging to a specific user.


Thanks Mr. Taylor


It becomes increasingly difficult to create socially compelling apps when we don’t have key API features like this.


What kind of use cases are you thinking of that having this data specifically from the REST API would enable but that you cannot accomplish with the Streaming APIs?


@episod I hope you don’t want the whole list.
Sample scenario: I want to build something that allows users to see who retweeted (possible with rest API), replied (almost possible with search API) and favorited (where do I go? Meh!) for all users of my app without destroying my server.
I don’t think I’ve understood this streaming API idea. It’s highly impractical: even provided that I switch from PHP to something else just to manage and stay connected to the API 24/7, or something, what do I do with that useless amount of data I get? I just needed rather specific information. What I’d collect if I managed at all is technically called garbage…


hey @ctsdataminer @Sarasvati10 , were you able to find a solution tot this? I have a similar requirement, where I want to get who all favourited my tweets (TweetID). I want to iterate through all of my tweets for the day, get tweets with RTcount & fav count > 0, get retweeters (That’s easy & done), but how do I get IDs of all who favorited these tweets? Since I am accessing these for my own account, any easier/better solution?
Thanks in Advance


An additional use case for adding favorites tracking would be:

  1. Who favorited my tweets so I can add them to a list?

People tend to favorite things for the following reasons:

  1. I agree with this tweet but I don’t want to re-tweet it.
  2. I want to save this tweet to go back and look at it again later.
  3. I’m typically a FB user and I’ve grown accustomed to “liking” posts instead of repeating them.

In my opinion, this is a major engagement point that is completely missed to your API consumers.


I agree that this would be a great feature. Maybe a call similar to the GET statuses/retweets/:id would be great for favorites (likes). It is useful to analyse how people interact and who interacts. This way you can focus your communication.


I’m looking for the same !

So … after more than 2 years …

Did Twitter add to the REST API a way to get the list of user who favorite a tweet ?


No. It’s still not possible.


Bumping this for visibility. Would still be nice to have this feature, anything in the works?


Another bump – this would be very useful for me as well.


You can watch our current API roadmap here. There’s no current plan to add this feature but we are aware of this request.




I just got in Twitter dev just looking for this feature… it breaks my heart to see its not available. Facebook lets you know who farted while looking at the post… Thanks for letting me know so I stop searching for it.


Twitter will never share this data. They think it is too powerful tool for social and market analysis. Look at the favorites/list - the only way to gather “likes” data - from the side of user - is limited to 75 requests / 15 min - making it impossible to analyze larger group of people. They did everything to make impossible to scrap that data from web as well. Its sad but we can’t do anything about it, technically it is very easy, but it is their policy not to release this data.




This is a completely speculative comment - it does not add to the discussion here - and it is also not accurate.

It is not “technically very easy” to offer this via the standard API since the number of internal calls that would be needed to hydrate this data for Tweets with many likes would be large and potentially not very performant.

An option that should be possible in the future - similar to what @episod suggested above but using the replacement for the user streams API - would be to listen to Account Activity API event webhook for likes on Tweets for an authenticated user, and store the data as likes occur. When the Account Activity API transitions out of beta this is likely to be the recommended method of doing this.

As we’ve mentioned on the forums before, “+1” responses are generally not useful / additive to a discussion. You’re welcome to raise comments on the published API roadmap in the relevant category on the forum. There are no current plans that I’m aware of to make historical data for likes available, but we continue to listen to feedback and requests for these kinds of features as we evaluate where to invest in the developer platform.

Closing this thread as we have provided an answer. Thank you for your interest in this feature and data.

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