List limit


We would like part of the site to be an organised view of different twitter accounts for people in rugby (players, reporters, etc.) For each page showing each category we would like to have an accompanying stream showing tweets for that category.

I thought the easiest way to do this would be create a list for each category and then a widget for that list, however there is a limit of 20 lists. Is this a hard limit? We would need 50-100 ideally. Otherwise the only solution I can see would be to follow all the twitter users and then connect to the user stream and organise the tweets ourselves. This isn’t ideal though as I don’t want the hassle of managing a connection, a database of tweets, sorting out an acceptaple UI that conforms to all the rules like keeping an up to date profile picture, etc.

So is there a way of increasing the number of lists and the widgets for an account? Or is there another way to go about showing different streams of tweets?

Thanks for your help.


Incidentally the categories will get nowhere near the 500 follower limit per list, the maximum per list will be about 50.


There’s no means at this time to raise the limit on number of lists for an account or the number of widgets.

Using a Streaming API is the best fit for a scenario like this and will serve you best long-term.

You could also use multiple accounts to own the lists.


I was worried about using multiple accounts as I thought the reason twitter asks for the domain where the widget is used might be to stop ppl circumventing the limits…will go with that though as will be a lot quicker than building something with the streaming API.



Good news for the list lovers out there.

All users can now create up to 1,000 lists. Lists may also now contain up to 5,000 members.


Is there are an easy way to merge 2 lists to take advantage of the new list limits? I would prefer not having to manually change people from one list to another.


Is this in effect already? The docs still have the old numbers.