List does not display all tweets by all members


Created a list to embed as timeline, but not all of the member’s tweets appear. Any ideas as to what is happening?


I also see this problem. Some members’ tweets will appear only some of the time, with gaps in the timeline where tweets seem to be ignored by the list. Other times, tweets that once appeared will disappear from the timeline altogether. Can anyone shed some light on this?


I’d like an answer for this too. I just tried to adjust my lists and now half of the members aren’t showing up even though I know they have recent weeks and some are showing up on multiple lists even though they aren’t checked to BE on both lists.


Having the same problem. I reported it to twitter support on 2/14. No response yet.


Just discovered that older posts (>2wks) from member do appear in the list but nothing recent.


I’m getting the same issue. It seems that only Verified users as well as news company tweets are being displayed on my website. However when I create the timeline on twitter I see all users


Same here, I cannot see all tweets from all list members.
For example, a person in my list (that I don’t follow) tweeted couple times in the previous hours but I can only see the tweet posted from this user 6 hours ago.
So what is the point of list, how the filtering works, any idea?