List and search #hashtag works ... sometimes!


Using Tweetdeck I have created an embedded timeline which uses the list @NCEL/ncel-clubs and searches them for #NCEL on the front page of the website ->

Sometimes it works but on other occasions it includes tweets with #NCEL in them from users who are not on the list.

So for instance, you go to the site and get where the middle tweet shouldn’t appear as that user is not on the list.

But, if you go back a few moments later, it looks like which is correct!!

Clicking the Latest #NCEL Tweets at the top takes you to Twitter where the search is always correct and only shows tweets from those on the list. ->

Is this a known issue with embedded timelines or is there something going wrong at my end?

Any help would be grateful as it’s very frustrating that it seems to be a sporadic problem.

Many thanks,
Jason Harrison