[Linq2Twitter] - 401 Unauthorized


Hello there,

I know many people already encountered the same problem, but I haven’t found any working solution so far.

So, I’m using Linq2Twitter to develop a C# program that uses the Streaming API to get filtered status.
Before that, I was using the Search API with an ApplicationOnly authentication, and it worked perfectly fine, but when I try to connect with a SingleUser authentication (to use the Streaming API) I get a 401 Unauthorized error. Yet, I use the same credentials.

I’ve checked multiple times to be sure that I haven’t switched tokens, I’ve tried to generate new ones … but I always get the same error. Also, I’m not working on a server, the program is stored locally (so time is auto-synchronized).

Thank you in advance.



401 errors are common and can occur for different reasons. Here’s a FAQ with several suggestions that might help: