Links preview no longer showing


Hi, my links are no longer populating into card previews. I know the answer is that the link doesn’t support twitter cards, but the same thing occurs when I try and tweet out other links that have populate for other people. See the below example.

I clicked on this link

Then tried to repost it and this is what I get

This occurs for all links across all of my accounts and multiple devices. Any assistance will help.



Link previews (cards) do not show in the web composer. They should show in the Tweets after being posted.


This is what happens when I post a tweet with a link in it

I’ve been doing this for a while and it’s always worked, suddenly stopped across all my accounts and devices. Can not get any link to show a preview.


That is not the same link you showed in the previous example (from thedrum) and I can only assume you are using some shortener or proxy for front other links that is interfering with the cards. We are unable to assist with this.


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