Links of embedded timeline are too close on mobile



I use Google PageSpeed Insights ( to test the mobile compatibility of the mobile version of my site and the answer of the test is :

  • icons Reply, Retweet and Favorite are too close.
  • some link are too close because the line height is not sufficient

Do we have the possibility to customize these part of the timeline ?

Thanks in advance



No, you cannot customize the padding between Tweet icons in an embedded Timeline.


Our widgets are designed and tested to work great on mobile and they do have great page speed scores. Here’s an example I tried:

Perhaps your page is missing mobile meta tags such as width=device-width (more info). Without a mobile viewport meta tag, the scores are poor just like you say:

No meta tags:
page speed:



Thanks for your answer. I will have a look.

But when I see the PageSpped Insights of the first site :, the tweeted icons appear too close for Google (remark in red)



I used jsbin anonymously, and looks like the preview page expires and goes to the jsbin edit page which is not mobile friendly. This jsbin should hopefully work:


Thanks for your answer. I will have a look on these meta tags to see if I can change the result of the Google PageSpeed Insights.