Links not being wrapped?


I’m confused. Your URL shortening faq says:

“When are links wrapped with Do I need to make an extra API call?
Links will be wrapped when Twitter receives a tweet using POST statuses/update or a direct message using POST direct_messages/new. The wrapped link will be contained in the response to a successful request. You don’t need to make any extra API calls.”

Yet when I submit a status update to of the form “test LONG_URL_GREATER_THAN_140”, I get an error:

{“errors”:[{“code”:186,“message”:“Status is over 140 characters”}]}

But the long url should shorten to 20 automatically, leaving me with a tweet of 25 characters. So… the URL is NOT being shortened prior to character counting. What am I not understanding about this?


Does it matter if the url starts with http(s)://?


Nevermind. I found this link:

Not good news.