Linkedin - adding Twitter rss feed to group news feed?


i am trying to add an rss feed of my twitter account @rugbyjobs to my lkinkedin group’s news feed.

i used to use but this isnt working anymore.

think its something to do with APi.

can someone pls advise me how to get my twitter feed showing as an rss in my linkedin group as i am drawing blanks here


Try using

When you say “isn’t working anymore”, what exactly is the problem you’re seeing?


Same here. Mine stopped working about two weeks ago. Used both and


When you say it “stopped working” what do you mean by that?

The URLs you’re using are still not 100% right, you want to disambiguate user IDs and screen names with something more like:


Having the same problem here. It was working, then it stopped syndicating new posts. I tried deleting and re-adding the feed but now LinkedIn says “The URL you entered is not a valid RSS or Atom feed. Please check the URL and try again.” seems to work fine in my browser.


LinkedIn accepted here.


this worked like a charm for me, was having same problem, thanks!


not working for me. any other options or is it a problem on linkedin?


how to add news feed to linkedin group when not showing news in all pages.