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How do I add a Follow button to my Linked In Account?


Go to and after logging in, find the link that says: “Manage your Twitter settings” – you’ll then be able to associate your Twitter account with LinkedIn and then get a follow button on your profile as a result.



I’ve tried this, set mine up a little while ago, but it doesnt seem to work and I dont have any other options now under settings in Linked in, other than to “add another account”. The link to my account is there, but it simply says the word “Twitter” then has the hyperlink to the right. No sign of a “follow” button.

Must be doing something wrong, but no idea what, so any help appreciated!


It shows up only to other linkedin members, ie. you can’t see your own follow button on your linkedin account. If you view your profile from someone else’s linkedin you will see the follow button beside your twitter name. I was having trouble figuring this one out too, until I looked at my profile from someone else’s linkedin account!


I wanted to put follow me on twitter button on my linkedin profile, I did add the twitter account but could not the follow me button. Any help appreciated!!!


how can i use this site? somebody help me please?


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I have three accounts twitter,facebook and linkedin can you pleaase let me know if you can add icon buttons to each page so they all follow each other?


thanks! didn’t know this was the problem :slight_smile:

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