Link validates just fine, but the card doesnt show on my feed


I’m trying to figure out why this link validates just fine, but when I post the link nothing shows on my feed.

This link test out fine




Hey Jeff, thanks for asking about this. Your cards actually are working fine - if you click the View Details link in the two tweets you posted, you’ll see them (the gallery card is really nice, BTW!). Cards like these will not show expanded by default, you have to click the View Details link in the corner to expand them.


Andy. I notice that there are some cards that show expanded on the Home feed. Are there only certain card types that show expanded? We use the summary large image card and it does not show expanded on the feed. Thanks for your help.


In general, you’ll see video from YouTube, Vines, and images posted to Twitter directly appearing in expanded cards by default. Promoted tweets containing cards (via our Ads program) may also show up. Most card types will not show in expanded form, you have to click View Details.


Thanks, Andy. Also interested in this issue. Is there anywhere that lists explicitly which cards will include an image when un-expanded and which won’t? For example, as @theELpodcast mentioned, Summary w/ Large Image won’t render an image in home feed but Website Cards will. Also, it seems for some cards, tweeting both a link to the card AND uploading an image stop a card from rendering (this is the case with the Nike Store links from the @nikestore account). Any clarity you might be able to provide on this?



Hey Max, it used to be just Vines and uploaded images that were expanded. With promotional tweets and the addition of open player cards in the new profile design, we should definitely add clearer documentation. I’ll work with Andy on this.

In our getting started guide, we discuss rendering priorities. Uploaded images will always trump the rendering of a card. However, the card meta tags are still useful for when other users tweet your content.

Let us know if you have any more questions about pre-expanded cards or rendering!


I was having the same issue, and it was driving me crazy. I now realize that in order to see my card data, I have to click Expand, and then click View Details. Are Twitter followers really going to click 2 links in order view my card info? I doubt it.

I hope you can answer a few questions:

  1. Would the “Details” link show differently on my followers’ feed?
  2. Could you clarify “Summary w/ Large Image won’t render an image in home feed but Website Cards will”?
  3. Do I need to change the Twitter meta on my posts & get approved for a different type of Card?




Here are a few answers to your questions!

  1. A tweet appears the same for everyone, so the details link will look the same on your followers’ feed.
  2. The difference here is that Website Cards are available as part of our Ad Platform. From the creatives section, you can create a “website card” that will be expanded in a timeline.
  3. Approval is only required once per card type. So yes, if you are switching from “summary” to “summary with large image” and have not used it before, you will need to submit a URL for approval. You can always create a test page on your domain first for the submission and switch your production meta tags once you are approved.


Wow, thanks so much for the speedy reply! Much appreciated. I will have to look into the ad platform. I’ve heard that Twitter advertising is becoming more effective and more affordable.

I signed up for a Twitter webinar (in partnership with HubSpot) that I imagine will cover Twitter campaigns.

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