Link to User Hashtag



I am looking for a way to send a link that only shows tweets including a specific hashtag from a user.

For example : )
Display all @justinbieber tweets including #kittenparty.

Can this be done?
Thank you!


If you’re just looking for a link to share, you should give the Twitter Advanced Search page a try: Just fill the form, submit it, and copy/paste the URL. In the example you gave, it would be

Now if you’re looking to retrieve these results programmatically, try the [node:39] API method, using the q parameter. More information around supported parameters and ways to construct your queries are documented on this page: [node:203]


Hi Tyler,

Did you find a solution for showing tweets only from certain user and certain hashtag? I’m interested to write some code for a WordPress widget since I can’t seen to find a WP plugin.


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