Link to specific direct message



We’ve just noticed that something change about links to direct messages. We used to use link of form to redirect users to specific direct message at twitter.

Since at least yesterday accessing such a page will show xml or plain text error message: This application is not allowed to access or delete your direct messages. Error message is 93. HTTP response status is 403.

If user is not logged in when trying to access direct message he will be first redirected to login page, then this error will be shown.

I’ve checked it using direct message id of message sent by user who was logged in the browser, so there is no reason to forbid him seeing it.

Based on fact, that XML error message is shown to user in place where normal page used to be shown I suspect it could be some kind of bug.

If not, and link<direct_message_id> is not going to work anymore, what is the proper way of accessing specific direct message?


Looks like my post lost most important information because of formatting. I meant in there link[direct message id]