Link to API docs is broken


I love the dev site. Very cool design, and lots of useful info. The one problem is that the URL pointing to the API docs is now broken:

It is the main link returned by Google for API docs. I personally have dozens of copies of this link on my blog. Google shows 355,000 uses of this URL on the web. Any chance of putting a redirect for this into the dev.twitter site?


Thanks for the feedback and sorry for the inconvenience! I’ll liaise with the team responsible to see what we can work out for you. I’m sure you can understand the task of migrating all the documentation to a new site was huge, so we need to fix up a few things in the coming weeks - thanks so much for your patience and understanding!




The new design of the documentation website is a bit confusing. I can’t seem to find a list of API resources anymore, such as on the old website. Also, the search bar is gone. The only way to navigate conveniently seems to be through the Rate Limit Chart (if you can find it), which contains a list of resources with links to the documentation for these resources, or to use Google for every resource you want to look up.

Also, the layout of the individual documentation pages is not very practical, there is a lot of scrolling involved to get to the relevant information (if available at all), the fonts are quite large and there is a lot of blank space. This might look better on mobile devices, but who would want to do actual development (writing code, reading documentation) on a mobile device? Compare the old layout and the new layout in terms of the organization of information.

Am I the only one who’s having trouble with the new website, or am I using it in the wrong way?


Hi! We’ll be making improvements to the site over time and re-adding search, for instance. The migration from the old format was a big piece of work so I’m sure you’ll understand that we had to prioritise how we moved content over.

I find the best way to get a list of API endpoints at the moment is to use the sidebar on but that is not currently categorised in the same way that the old site was.

Thanks for your feedback - we are reading and listening, and we hope to take on board many of the comments we’re hearing from the community as we evolve the site.


The sidebar is back, this is a big improvement! Thanks!


Yeah the sidebar missing in your screenshot was definitely a mistake, that should be showing up. Again, thanks for the feedback!