Link to a Tweet Based on ID



In my application, I’m displaying mentions, retweets, etc. I want to be able to link to the profile of the Twitter user who tweeted the tweet as well as linking to the tweet itself. The best work-around I’ve found for linking to the Twitter user’s profile is using However, I haven’t found a good way to link to the tweets themselves. With this tweet, for example, I can see that I can get the link to the tweet by doing /ScreenName/status/tweetID, but I’m hesitant to do this since the screen name can change. I’d much rather do this with the user’s Twitter ID instead, but can’t figure out how to do this or if I even can. Any thoughts?


Don’t worry about the screen name changing, the tweet id is the important part of the url, you can have anything as the username:

All of these will work:


Dude you’re the best. Thanks so much!