Link preview no longer showing


I tweet a lot of links, and I like the link previews that used to automatically display. Recently, only the link itself shows up in the tweet without a preview.

I use the web, not an iphone app, and this problem applies only to my tweets, not to the link previews of other tweets on my timeline (which DO show up still).

How can I fix this?


If the site you are posting the link to is yours, you should add Twitter card markup so that the card can be displayed. If the site you are posting the link to is not yours, then unfortunately there’s nothing you can do to fix it.


Thank you for the reply…

So, when the site links aren’t mine, is it just a random thing? Sometimes they show previews, sometimes they don’t? And, randomly, they are ALL no longer showing previews?

Can you point me in the right direction for the instructions on how to “add Twitter card markup” for my own site links?

Thanks again!


Sure, there are details on our developer site:


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