Link Preview different results



We are having an issue with links that I am including in the message of the status update not generating link previews for the tweet. Both tweets/examples were created in the same way and have the link in the message, but have different results on Twitter. Example 1 does not have a link preview, but includes the link the text of the status. Example 2 does have a link preview, but the link was removed from the text of the status.

Example 1:
Example 2:

Why would one tweet have a preview and the other would not?


The second one points to a link which resolves to - on inspecting that page, it does not contain valid Twitter cards metadata, so there is no way to preview the page in a card inside the Tweet.


Please confirm, any page without twitter card metadata will remain in the text of the status, but will get removed if it does include the metadata?


That’s usually how it would render, but we sometimes experiment with alternative versions. Note that the link is still in the actual text field of the Tweet object, so this is just a visual treatment.