Link for Wordpress - Retweet, Favorite, Reply


I have a Wordpress site and installed a plugin to show my Twitter feed. The tweets come up fine, but the buttons for retweet, favorite, and reply are broken.
I figure this has to do with the updates Twitter has made, but have been unable to determine how to address it.

Here’s the piece of code I’m working on as it currently stands:

<div class="sbttr-user-timeline-item-desc">
<?php echo $twitter->linkable( $tweet ) ?>

<div class="sbttr-user-timeline-item-actions">
"<href="<?php echo $tweet->id ?>"<i class="icon-reply"></i>
"<href="<?php echo $tweet->id ?>"<i class="icon-retweet-3"></i>
"<href="<?php echo $tweet->id ?>"<i class="icon-star-empty-1"></i>

user->screen_name ?>/status/<?php echo $tweet->id ?>" rel="nofollow" target="_blank" title="<?php echo $tweet->user->name ?>" class="sbttr-user-timeline-item-timestamp">
<?php echo $twitter->time_ago( strtotime( $tweet->created_at ) ) ?>


I believe the issue is with the link code. ??? If someone can advise on how to get the buttons working, I’d appreciate it. Thank you.


Where are you loading the icons from? This looks like a hand-rolled solution, so you should probably be hosting the images for retweet, favorite, and reply on your own server.


The icons are built into my theme,so I am already hosting them on my server (Go Daddy). They’ll appear. But the problem is that when they come up, the link is broken. I just get an error. So I figure something is wrong in the code…