Line Items



I’m trying to get a list of line items associated to my account and/or campaign. Following the example in the documentation, I tried the below request, but I’m getting a response that required parameters are missing. What’s the correct way to get the list of line items? Also, do you have a diagram of the Twitter entities and their relationships? thanks

twurl -H “/0/stats/accounts/9joj52/line_items?campaign_ids=1tpg4”
{“errors”:[{“code”:“MISSING_PARAMETER”,“message”:"“start_time” is a required parameter",“parameter”:“start_time”},{“code”:“MISSING_PARAMETER”,“message”:"“line_item_ids” is a required parameter",“parameter”:“line_item_ids”}],“request”:{“params”:{“account_id”:“9joj52”}}}


Hi @TaliDolev,

You have to include the start_time parameter. It doesn’t have to be the start of a campaign or anything, rather the start_time is the beginning of the period you want to collect stats from. end_time is optional and, if not included, it will return all the information until the present.

Time must be passed in ISO 8601 standard format.